What is a web browser ? (The World Wide Web)

The World Wide Web (commonly referred to as WWW) is a service that runs on top of the internet for accessing web sites.

And Web Browsers are programs for computers that access those web sites.

The most common Web Browsers are Edge for Windows, Safari for Mac’s and Firefox and Chrome for both.
Chrome is a browser developed by the Google company & Firefox is from the Open-Source company Mozilla. Although not well known another excellent browser is Opera.

The Edge browser replaced Internet Explorer and became the browser for Windows when Windows 10 was released in mid 2015

Why are the World Wide Web browsers confusing ?

When I ask someone what browser they use, the most common reply is ‘Google’ – why is this ?

Because Google’s search page is the most common home page when your Web Browser is run people assume their web browser is ‘Google’ – but of course they could be using any of the browsers listed. And of course because Google is the most popular search engine, we tend to call searching the Web Googling!

There is also confusion for Windows users because there is a program called File Explorer which is used for managing the local files and folders on your computer – it used to be called Windows Explorer! So the use of the word Explorer was in both the old Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer further confusing the issue!

Below is a link to the Wikipedia entry for Web Browsers for those who want to find out more information & and an image showing the icons of the major browsers.

Popular World Wide Web Browser Icons
Popular Web Browsers: Chrome Firefox Safari Edge Opera

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